Due to medical reasons, Kilo was career changed and moved in with members of Susan & George's family.  





Glitter, however sweet, did not have the disposition to be a service dog and was career changed.  She was placed in GDB's adoption program and now is in a good place..


Phillip continues to live in sunny Orange County which suits his disposition and raiser, Jeanne Valenti just fine!  He is a very good boy attracting attention and admirers wherever he goes.  Our club looks forward to seeing him from time to time.



Scholar successfully went through all 8 phases of formal training so it is reasonable that if you attend a GDB event here in Orange County you might see Scholar in harness demonstrating what he knows with our CFR, Rick Wilcox.  Our club is extremely happy to welcome him back into the arms of his puppy raising family, the Kunzel family who is raising their second puppy.


The Wanamaker Family welcomed Royal back into there family in September 2016 excited about the prospect of working toward Royal becoming an Ambassador for GDB as well continuing to be a part of OC Coastal Puppy Raisers.


Raised by Katherine & Stephanie Amoukhteh, Alice was career changed and is back with the Amoukhteh Family enjoying a very busy family life.  


Raised by Jeanne Valenti. Elm is now living back with Jeanne mentoring puppies in training and acting as ambassador for Guide Dogs for the Blind.


Raised by Susan & George Korean. Fisher now Sam is having fun living with his raisers and their other career changed dog Cowboy. He is also a mentor for the other puppies they raise for Guide Dogs for the Blind.


Raised by April Pake. Fletcher is enjoying his life as a pet and a mentor for Guide Dogs for the Blind puppies being raised in his new home.


Raised by Tricia & Elliott Sims.  Hatcher is a working service dog for Dogs 4 Diabetics in Northern California.